Group Swim Lessons


Group Swim Lessons:

Group swim lessons are available for children ages 3 and up. Group lessons are 30 minutes each and are taught by Swim Instructors who have been trained in the American Red Cross Learn to Swim Program as Water Safety Instructors (WSI). These levels have been designed using the Red Cross’s Learn-to-Swim Levels, adjusted to suit the needs of our membership. Non-member rates for group swim lessons are available on request.  For more information on group swim lessons email:


GOLDFISH - Water Introduction (mainly ages 3-5)

Teaches comfort in the water and safety around the pool through games and song. A portion of this course can be held at the baby pool to promote pool safety and build confidence in the water. Primary course content includes:

  • Blowing bubbles (face in the water)

  • Floating / proper body position in water

  • Introduction of combined kicking and arm strokes

PIRANHA - Stroke Introduction and Development

Further develops fundamental stroke techniques for freestyle and backstroke.  Introduces skills for treading water and breaststroke. Additional course content includes:

  • Rotary breathing

  • Whip and egg beater kicks

  • Elementary backstroke arm movement

  • Pool safety and basic self-rescue principles

SHARK - Advanced Development and Deep Water Clinic:

Seeks to improve swimmers’ ability in competitive strokes, boutique strokes, and treading water. Helps prepare for Pre-Swim Team. Additional course content includes:

  • Incorporating breaststroke arms

  • Scissor kick

  • Head-first entry into pool (from seated, kneeling, and standing position)

Weekday AM Session: 9:00 - 10:00 AM Monday - Thursday


Session 1: June 24 - July 3


Session 2: July 8 - July 19

Session 3: July 22 - August 1

Monday PM Session: 6:00 - 7:00 PM Mondays

June 24 - July 29

*Classes meet once a week, every Monday*

Saturday AM Session: 10:00 - 11:00 AM

June 22 - August 3

*June 13 & July 20: Swim Lessons will begin at 12:30 PM due to Home Swim Meet*

Parent and Child:

This course provides opportunity for infants and toddlers (age 6-36 months) and their parents to develop a level of comfort in the water. These class sessions are aimed to teach parent participants the best ways to safely help their children explore and have fun in the water. It is important to understand that Parent and Child Aquatics is not designed to teach children to become good swimmers or even to survive in the water on their own. Parent and Child Aquatics introduces you and your child to the following basic skills:

  • Feel comfortable in the water.

  • Enter and exit the water safely.

  • Explore breath control and changing body position in the water.

  • Explore floating on the front and back.

  • Play safely in the water.

As parents, you learn how to safely work with your child in the water, including how to appropriately support and hold your child in the water and how to prepare and encourage your child to participate fully and try the skills. In addition, you are introduced to several water safety topics. Your child receives an introduction to basic skills that lay a foundation for learning to swim.

Sunday AM:

July 7 - July 28

Level 1: 6 months - 18 months: 10-10:30 AM

Level 2: 8 months - 3 years: 10:30 - 11:00 AM

*Class Requirement: One parent must be present in the water per child registered*

*Please note: We define parent broadly, to include any adults with primary responsibility for raising children, including biological parents, adoptive parents, step-parents, guardians, and/or any other type of parenting relationship.*